Welcome to DUW Consult GmbH - Services

My way: Personal and/or Remote

Familiar with all modern means of contact, worldwide

My Role

Your personal companion to success

How: Using my network

 Automotive incl. Aftermarket 

What: Biz Process Management

30 yrs C-Level Leadership

Disruptive Business Models

Extreme Automization



Who: IT Techie (AD/ADAS/AI/IoT)

Innovator in modern IT World

Digitalization: Own SaaS Startup

Typical Examples of Consulting Projects:

  • Connecting companies from abroad with automotive OEM and suppliers in Europe
  • How to gain projects again incumbent suppliers: Strategy, communication, acting
  • How to grow organization and processes in a SME
  • Supporting in negotiations
  • Developing strategic approaches towards digitalization: Systematic analyses, Target picture, Gap closure

Current Assignments:

SEDEMAC Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd. - Senior Advisor

IPG Automotive GmbH - Senior Advisor

BERYLLS - Senior Advisor

Bosch Management Support - Executive Senior Advisor